Thursday, April 28, 2005

Don't Turn off the Stove - God is Watching!

"04/26/05 - NEW YORK, NY) — New York city authorities say they believe a fire that killed three boys from the same family may have been ignited by a stove that had been left on for three days.
Leaving the oven on is a custom observed during Passover in some Orthodox Jewish communities as their religious custom forbids certain activities during holy days, including turning on stoves."

Now lets examine this, you think that God doesn't want you to turn off the bloody stove, burn your house down, leave others in the building homeless and cause great harm. If this is the God they believe in, well then, I am an atheist because I sure as hell don't believe in that one. When people get caught up in Religion and indeed religious fervor they in fact lose all touch with the Creator and what his/her real essence is all about. We tend to get caught up in the traditions, and repetitious ceremonial nonsensical practices that have lost their meanings somewhere along the many centuries. We get so caught up in the "doings" that we fail to ever connect with what its all really supposed to be about and that is; being at one with, and communicating, and meditating on & with the Almighty one. Christian religious zealots run around the world allegedly "claiming souls for Christ" they put on elaborate shows and razzle dazzle, they're building arenas (and packing them might I add) they've got the bands and the multiscreens, and they're telling and selling you the way to everlasting happiness is through Christ, so step right up, do this and that and you're on your way. The Catholics just appointed their Pope with much pomp and lavish activity and on and on it goes. But did anyone recently stop and really read Jesus' words, really see what he was all about. Do we even take a moment from the senseless practices and strange religious fervor to go into the park, with nature and relax and look at the birds, the insects the flora and fauna and really appreciate all what God is capable of, the birds that return with the Spring, the Earth that turns so efficiently on its axis, never going astray, the animals and their acute senses and instincts that makes them so efficient, the beautiful tress that bloom with synchronicity ever year. Do we really stop and realize the greatness of the Creator? Nope we don't our brains are too big and we're to busy worrying about cleaning up dirty movies, Evangelizing a tormented world, empty praying 5 times a day, kicking women down another notch and not touching the stove during Passover.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Ok so we managed to net a major drug kingpin from or in Afghanistan, somehow the powers that be managed to find him but still can't find Bin Laden...humm Funny how they find time to chase after the drug lord but not the Terror king. The US is surely chasing its tail in we've stopped the flow of some black tar...lets see if we can really stop the flow of terror before it raises its ugly toweled head again

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Black on Black Violence

Yes that's the catch word that has become familiar to me ever since I've moved to this country. What, why, when, what's to blame and how can we stop it. It seems to me that all Black Americans ever talk about is their misfortunes, the crime, "mobilizing", "coming together" and discussing - all the well intending cliches, but somehow the situation always stays the same. Then they lash out and blame, music or some kind of entertainment. Whatever the going trend is of the day, the new blame seems to fall squarely at the feet of the "gangsta" rappers as they're called these days. Yes its them, they set a bad precedence for our kids, they should clean up their act. Yes 50 Cent and Game and whoever else now have to be in charge of your kids, its hard enough for them to run around trying to have careers but now they've to babysit and raise a bunch of kids that aren't theirs. Yes that's it, that's the solution to the problem. Well the hard cold facts are this: 50 or any other entertainer has no responsibility or liability to your children, their well being, or their upbringing; that lies on the shoulders of the absentee parents. They don't owe you guys anything but a song, autograph or maybe a hand shake. A shootout and everything is in the media, we know how the media loves to keep blacks and their doings under tight scrutiny, that big ole magnifying glass. Fact is, humans are capable of 3 definite things - Love, Violence & Sex. Those 3 things will sell over and over, and there is nothing that we can do to stop that tide. So blaming and trying to figure out who's at fault for all the madness is tantamount to spitting in the wind. There is no real analyzing, because to analyze we've to take a look back at our own selves, and sometimes that's not a comforting or pretty sight.


Every time I watch one of these Bible Mysteries shows on TV it only cracks my faith in anything all that much more. It seems that everything, every faith and belief is founded on smoke and mirrors, superstitions and human's need to rationalize an irrational world. It looks like some parts of the Bible were a bit - how should I say it- embellished. Religions, primitive and "culturally" significant all speak of an afterlife, where we'll all live resplendent and all our troubles will go away, a place where we'll be reunited with our beloved dead friends and relatives and all the long dead and Christ believing; that is for the Christians. For the Muslims, its similar with the exception of Christ and for Jews, I'm not quite sure. Jesus was born in the manger, or so it says but now its believed he was born elsewhere and laid there, not exactly the same as being born We have staked a lot on these beliefs. Grand churches, money, time and lots of souls are gambling on this belief and any contrary ideology or belief is quickly shot down as blasphemy or heresy. When challenged believers hastily quip not to question, just believe, have faith and look to the heavens and pray. Sorry, unfortunately for me I guess, I question and a bit too much I might add. I still don't believe in the Adam and Eve, I don't believe in the Virgin birth. I actually believe that these stories were invented and placed surreptitiously in the Bible upon one of its many dubious translations after hitting the European continent. Medieval times were full of suspicious relics and strange behaviors on the parts of the new Christians, wishing to validate their faith as the shining beacon, the best. After all Catholics were responsible for the horrific Inquisitions that brought about some of the worse tortures on mankind. Now we watch on TV as a new and resplendent Pope is ushered in, to sit at the head of what I think is an Evil Empire. Preying on the insecurities and prejudices of society, backward, out of touch and totally irrelevant. Still praying to saints and statues, idolatry. I believe like the Jews, we humans need no interceder between ourselves and the Creator, he is there for us, he's around us and no Elder Walker, he isn't some God Body somewhere up in the clouds with perfect David Barton Gym sculpted body; he is in us and we can call on him or her whenever we need to, we don't need Saint this or Santa that, we can speak directly to the Creator, no secretary to put us on hold or operators to take messages and instruct us on what to do in our cases of emergency. So what is the real meaning of it all, is all this just some cruel joke whose punchline will be revealed in the afterlife? Who knows but for now I communicate directly with my Creator, yes him and I do have a relationship, I do better things with my Sundays, and do read the Bible; because I like to read and the Proverbs are startlingly relevant. Otherwise, we're all hurtling towards the abyss of the unknown and for the faint of heart, its can be a frightening thing.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Go West!

Today we took a walk thru Chinatown, just taking in the scenery and letting our eyes drink in the sights. Chinatown NYC is massive, engulfing what's now left of Little Italy; which is now only about 3 short blocks and consists of some Chinese salesmen too. As I was walking out of the buddhist temple that I decided to wander into, I was thinking out loud to my husband how interesting the world is with all the different faiths and beliefs and everyone has their thing that works for them, and that people shouldn't try to change one another but just live, love and respect instead of trying to jam, or coax one set of religious or idealogical beliefs on other sets. Well no sooner than I said this, we happened upon the Mormons, in Chinatown, complete with the Chinese version of the Book Of Mormon and pictures of beautiful pure white Jesus - of the blue eyed fame. I engaged Elder Walker, inquiring about Mormonism, letting him know that I was quite familiar with their resplendent "Temple" on 65th street and their strange exclusive beginnings. Well Elder Walker explained the beginnings, letting me know that the original Christians (being them) came to America 600BC and started prophesying about Jesus and then the Mormon founder went west since he heard a calling from God where he found God's instructions and meaning of life inscribed in or was it on a gold plate. However when I pressed about these original plates, I was told that an Angel or God made off with them, yes God giveth and then taketh away. So here it is, God gives this hick the instructions to life itself around the turn of the 18th century then he mysteriously only lets there be 4 witnesses to this then he has it taken back and there boom started the Church of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ. That you can get thousands to fall for this is amazing to me. Just cloak some strange belief up in what seems like Christianity and there you have it, the snowball has started. Elder Walker seemed intelligent enough, I mean as a young guy from Utah no doubt, deep in Chinatown speaking madarin, well he was no fool. But when he went down that road of the angel or God taking back the instructions I pretty much checked out mentally and physically and had to bid Elder Walker a good evening. I guess that's why I've always referred to them as the Morons! Ah just another nutty off shoot in Christianity and human's quest for the ultimate truth.

Friday, April 22, 2005

As of Late

So it looks like I seem to be fast becoming a critique of things religious, ridiculous and real. And the first question I want to address is why is it that Catholics seem to ALWAYS see the Virgin Mary everywhere and in everything, on a piece of toast, on a wall, statues crying oil, blood and every other substance known to man. And its always followed by crowds of desparate looking Spanish people in which ever city, crying praying and basically going crazy around the said "vision". In Chicago they're seeing her yet again and one woman remarked that her faith is restored. Sitting there I kept wondering, where do these people work, were they ever committed to mental institutions, do they have kids; basically who the hell are these yentas!?? And the next thing is, what is all this free time about! They all need to be labotomized.
I was also watching a documentary yesterday about these charismatic preachers/healers, Benny Hin & Bonke to be precise, such charletans!! There really must be a special place in hell for these tricksters or some punishment in this life of the after!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hail To The Pope

All Catholics Hail! You've got your new leader, yes because for the last few days while they inturned the other one you didn't know what to do with yourselves, you were adrift in the sea and probably engaging in some form of debauchery with out your God Head to tell you what to do and how to do it! Oh my. So Papa Ratzi (as the Sun newspaper dubs him) will take his role and plug in to tell you guys what to do, how to live your lives, and most of all; get your arses back into Church, especially in Europe where you've fallen off. Of course they've got most of the 3rd World locked, those poor destitute, half illiterate people who will hang on to anything that promises a half better life, somewhere, even if its in the AFTER life. The Africans were a little bit sad that the new Pope wasn't an African and the Latinos were also not too too pleased. But really did they really ever think those stuffy old goats were gonna be progressive enough to chose someone ethnic!!! How dumb of them, shows you where their intellect is. Get real I say to those dummies. And for all the gays and women moaning about there predicament - SHUT UP - How I see it, the Church is a club, they present their rules and you decide if you wanna belong, don't like the rules well then keep it moving find another club that suits you better, maybe the GLAD would be a right fit. Why do you have to belong to the Church anyway, why do you need it, if it doesn't fit, form your own club, stop looking for love and acceptance where it obviously won't be given. *sigh* Another case of "Love me Daddy" going on with them!
I digress, so this new Papa was briefly a member of the Nazi youth humm how nice. And he's also called God's Rottweiler - right like God needs one good luck I say, alienate more people from the sick Church full of man boy lovers and sexually frustrated, sexually ambiguous men and women. Lets keep the news moving please! What about the Marburg virus in Angola!

Monday, April 18, 2005

So High Soho

Today was a great day for a walk here in the city, so I took it out to Soho, love Soho, always loved it from day one. Its changed a lot though, its now the stomping ground of the well heeled and monied set. Everyone looks like the're somehow, "important" the bars and chic restaurants are filled to the brim, overflowing with loud boistrous crowds, the streets teeming with fab folks, sitting, smoking, chatting, shopping - Chanel, Prada, Coach, Replay, Dolce & Gabbana - and all the other unaffordable stores (well at least to me) the galleried scene and all. But I love the scene and I love NY for all the scenes it can give, after Soho we just faded into the busy, non pretentious, non monied bootleg scene of Chinatown with its stripped down atmosphere, cheap, crazy, crowded and crass. Squeeze box of people, pickpockets getting arrested, Paul Mooney in a coffee shop, rude Chinese immigrants Chinatown - knock off central and gold lovers paradise. We explored the back streets, back on East Broadway, got a damned good coffee for 60c - in NY that's almost a miracle!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Jesus Wept for the Relic

Why are Christians; and Catholics especially so obssessed and consumed with relics, relics from the time of Jesus, the shroud, the spear the cross anything that they can set their eyes or put their hands on to somehow "connect" themselves with Jesus, his life and his existance. Somehow I think that they think it puts them in a position closer perhaps? Catholics have the rosery beads, they fixate on the detatched eyes of saints, hearts in glass jars are not uncommon in some churches and on and on. Why do we need to feel this connection to the past, does it somehow validate it for the believer? I wonder. I think that they should spend the time better trying to figure out how to get along, love one another, seek world peace and get to a higher level of spirituality that Jesus so wanted people to reach. The all unfortunately miss the mark. Pat Robertson on the 700 club and all his cronies with their snake oil salery are another bunch. They plead constantly for money and that soft heart tugging organ music acts as the bed for the beggary, needing money for missionaries, and the spread of Christianity and their Jaguars and Cadillacs perhaps. What is all this money about. And with your donation some useless dust collector or the promise of regained eyesight, healed ailment or whatever they invent in the strange corners of their mind. Its all so sickening how everyone has lost their way, poor Jesus would have a fit if he came back to witness this mess we now have, he would weep yet again.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Work Relations

So my co worker has finally got her wish and that is to throw the guy she thinks might "attack" her out. From day one she had it in for him and yes he did make a few missteps with her but for it to escalate to this is just crazy. I think that everyone is officially annoyed at having to go on up to Human Resources to discuss the blowout that occurred on Friday last and what they think of the said employee in the cross hairs. I see no reason for the sense of urgency, the individual is not so horrendous that we've to get him out like a bad habit and I said so. On saying this, I've discovered that there is one person in the party that is a bit of a hot head and trouble maker, and when the crosshairs are set, well like a heat seeking turning back. The complaining, the percieved indignities at the hands of the vilan and on and on. I try to have a healthy relationship with everyone and not let personal issues or vendettas cloud my vision, and I also won't scandalize or let it be on my mental resume that I caused someone - a good worker I'm hearing - to lose there job. One other coworker is totally disgusted and one or 2 others are not good with having to go and bear witness. So I guess I'm seeing a trend since the same tactic was pulled 2yrs ago by the same person and the cross hairs were set, but alas they couldn't toppel that giant, the threat left all on its own. But as I say...their day will come too. As Stephen King writes "Everything's Eventual"

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Back together!

Here yee here yee, another Royal wedding and this time, quite a strange one, the alleged tormentor of the beloved Princess Di marries his longtime, longsuffering love, the "unattractive" as they say Camilla Parker Bowles. Was it like the first grand stand in '81, well who knows. The bride wore grey, not quite black and definately not black. Somewhere in between and I suppose that's what the gentry of England albeit the world must be thinking, lukewarm I suppose would be the word to describe. So here's the week in review, Pope creates an Italian stampede, Prince Raineier silently succombed to whatever illness it was that he had and of course Charles re-married his long love, all the stars aligned and they're back together again!! Whata week!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Parade of Death

It started with Terri Schiavo then Johnnie Cochran, then came the Pope and Prince Rainier. Moving faster than I can type, I guess you can say that they're making way for the new people being born everyday. I'm almost afraid to ask who's next. Well I didn't get ask that question before Peter Jennings trotted out wheezing and heavily breathing on air to say that HE's been diagnosed with lung cancer! After he stopped smoking for 20years he started back 4yrs ago and boom! Gotcha! cancer crept up and got 'im. Ah life you just don't get outta here alive.
Now thousands are storming the Vatican, blockading poor Italy to see a dead carcas of a man where the soul no longer resides. All these idiots in the Catholic Church...what I call the Evil Empire, set up hundreds of years ago to rule command and most of all; make money off the backs of poor dumb peasants. And that's my take for today. And Bill O'Reilly last night going on about the "Holy Father" this and that...what a stupid ass loud mouth!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Another one Bites!

Here it is, one week after they propped him up in the Vatican window and tried to will his slowly dying body to speak, Pope John Paul the II gave up and gave in to Old Death holding his scief(?) The world is all abuzz, as he lies in state in full regalia, garments and fantastic shoes to boot. I guess those are the ones that he might be entering the gates of heaven in and treading oh so softly o'er the streets of gold? Yes millions of Catholics praying and mourning the death of their great leader. 'Cause we as humans always seem to need someone to tell us what to do, someone to worship, someone to hand over our savings to, someone who's feet we seem to need to fall and fawn at, someone we need to prostrate ourselves to, submit to; obey. I heard that Mexico is 92% Catholic, strange, you couldn't want for a more corrupt and downtrodden impovrished country, yet they somehow keep this strange religion going. The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church has millions in dollars, pesos, euros or whatever currency of the land. The Church makes sure to keep a vice grip on its constituants so as not to let that lucrative income slip away. I have never been one for respecting that Church with its strange practices, saint & idol worship and shear idle heirarchy. The powers that be in that church will never spiritually empower the people that follow; and the most ignorant that they are, to do this would be to lose the grip that they have and the viable power that most of these men in leadership roles bask in.
So now JPII is resting in state; and hopefully in peace, the Cardinals must pick another head, to counter the growing threat of the other sects of Christianity, Islam (yes all Christians want that stamped out) and terror (somehow I don't know how this links with Catholisism). I'm sure they'll pick yet another old soul, who will campaign against anything progressive like, women's rights, the future or anything that draws the "flock" away because in the end it's not really about your spirituality or your "threatened soul" but about the bottom line and your willing submission.