Saturday, November 26, 2005

Where do you get off

So since the reality TV thing - and the copycats thereof - seems intent on just chugging lamely along I've no choice but to slap my seal of; well whatever on it. Things took an interesting twist with Donald Trump and his Apprentice jaugernaut, I must admit, that first season, I was impressed, it was fresh different and seemed to be something productive, actually relevant. Then came the 2nd season with more clutter, gimmicks by the "contestants" as they jockyed for camera time and product placement at every corner. Just such a put off. Martha came outta jail and she wanted her show too, an exact copy cat of The Apprentice and in effect - a complete failure. Then Puffy with his Making of the Band - ok lets see, lets fabricate a "hip hop" band on TV and see if they'll sell albums - NOT. From Donald's making "You're Fired" a catch phrase - well the rest of the world decided that they HAD to have their reality shows too. Damon Dash and his "Ultimate Hustler" - ah ok. So you've got Puffy and Dame all puffed up in their posh worlds (yes the camera does pan) lording over groups of terribly desperate wannabes - whether they want to sing, dance, rap or hustle. Now they sit in judgment of others, pontificating on how hard they've worked, who they know, how they started from nothing and waa waa waa. Watching the "Ultimate Hustler" was just the last string. There is Dame sitting in his chair at the head of the table, plugging shamelessly at his various ventures and products. And the catch phrase "Life is Dash" - what on earth is that about!!!?? So absolutely corny! Him trying to pit the contestants against each other for the added agita for better TV or whatever. The posturing at his various complexes and holograms appearances, the hat cocked to the side and all that, just absolutely stupid and ridiculous. That's were I get back to the point - Where do you get off I mean I really can't wait to see where all these pompous assholes will be in about 20 years - I can't wait.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Lotta Little Brother

So an album that's been getting major play in my CD players both at work and home is Little Brother. Click the link and read all about them. I mean what can I say, satirical, mad stabs at a lot of shit in the sleazy industry, had their video banned (allegedly) from BET. But the album is absolutely tight and alright not one downer on the album - which I hate. Some albums that I swooped down on that were absolutely fab and anti typical - as most of radio is these last days - were Common & Floetry! But Little Brother deserves mad respect for just keeping it beautifully real, never posing, posturing and yapping about shit. Hey just a short blurb to say this is not the album to sleep on - Little Brother Minstrel Show

Friday, November 04, 2005

On juicing and steroids

As I enter this new world of hormone imbalance, pituitary hicups and bodily malfuctions; to a small degree - I've also been researching and have steeped my mind into the world of PEDs aka Performance Enhancing Drugs, 'roids, juice or whatever you want to call them, they're out there, people are using them and they're getting the results they want; I guess. I don't know where I really stood on steroids, I guess I was on the fence of the scared individual, freaked out about women turning into me, men going stir crazy, women growing penises and getting a couple octaves lower on the vocal end. Scary and powerful is what I had my mind set on. Something horrible that one had to imprison and go mad about - eh not likely. So as I descend into the steroid subculture I am slowly understanding that like all hormones, you've got to know what you're doing, have your shit together and really be on par and they work, yes steroids do work. Contrary to what the media (at sweeps time) would like one to believe, steroids do what they're supposed to do, they get you to the freaky, striated, veined up muscled up monster you wanna be. And at the end of the day - so what, I don't see people rushing down to botox clinics, or the many plastic surgeons offices to handcuff women going for cosmetic procedures saying tha they have an "unfair advantage" Is it that people are weirded out by popping pills or syringes. Its all the same thing, after all, how many people die from plastic surgery a year? So what if some guys shoot up some shit that gets them lovely just to parade on the beach during summer and they don't bother anyone - is it the government's business? I think not. And the web is chock full of sites that sell, discuss and suggest which works, albeit you'll get flamed for asking or suggesting sources as this is still an underground and shadowy world and as for females - even more elusive. I guess one day this will come to the forefront like everything else. I'm still a little hairy but hey, ya wanna juice, be my guest, no problem here. After all, they pump women full of birth control steroids, I don't see anyone complaining about that!