Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Why I hate People!!!

Did I mention how much I've now come to hate my job, my boss, his boss and all the other cocksuckers in suits that all need to take flying leaps off the nearest cliffs. Well if I never mentioned it...I am now! What is this rat race all about anyway, you grind and grind to make money for someone else and while doing such and solving all their problems you in turn give up your own life. And of course the bribe for giving up one's life is the bribe of "health care" & a retirement fund. Ahhh, you just cannot win, unless you go into business for yourself! When you work hard you're told...hey you never get upset, when you slack off - oh you don't give enough! What's to give. Did I already say how much I HATE MY JOB!! I HATE IT SOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!! God help me out this rut I just have to leave!!!! That's enough of my rant for tonite!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

On Freedom

I took this Thursday off and it was refreshing. Its amazing how relaxed & free one feels when not at work dealing with the stresses of other individuals. I always feel exceptionally better when the prospects of my boss not being around is a key factor. I've come to the conclusion that we humans just need to be free, not in cubicles, or behind desks or being stressed to the point of over eating, over drugging or over medicating. Everyother person is in some stage of mental trepidation. Ahhhhh freedom, not having to report to anyone or anything!
And speaking of freedom, I was privy to be in the exact opposite thereof in the Bronx yesterday. We went to video a wedding and it was in what I would consider the most noisy, congested and miserable section known as Soundview! The community center was rimmed with drug sentinels, loud music and chicken boned eating and flinging pregnant gals. Just think, my bridal subject had to enter into her special day to this!!! Are they living in an alternate Universe or am I living in one. The bride, however managed to make her entrance - albeit, not a bit flustered by the dismal surroundings, then ensued the ceremony, subsequent blaring loud party music for the wedding and rowdy children underfoot. It was an interesting event, not to say the least. I couldn't live in Soundview though, clutter everywhere, too many people, noise, graffiti, rumbling of the train and the list of negatives far outweighed the non-existent positives. Everything that epitomizes all the stereotypes of what people in the Midwest think the city is like!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Born on the 4th?

So its July 4th and time to trot out the ole red white + blue, let the rah rahing begin and flag waving continue; they killed another US marine in captivity over in Iraq - probably cut off his head, like they did the other one just last week, ya wouldn't know it, everyone just a barbecuing and carrin' on like no tomorrow, with not a thought in there minds about either one - God bless America, so they say, the land of the free brave and short memoried! Caught the movie "The Corporation" yesterday and boy what a further eye opener. Rouge corporations, tainted and hormone filled milk and all kinds of other abuses - yup long live the shareholders and there profits, death to the masses, as long as they can turn a profit with the least expense. Journalists fired for wanting to report the truth. I've always said that news in this country is a poppy show anyway, with the blood, gore, black males; stories leading and the feel-good nonsense to cap it all off. Good luck trying to get real info from any of these outlets! So there it is pop another chicken leg down, suck some more pina coladas up and kick back and relax!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Rich man, not so rich man

I don't know how many people tend to realize the differences between what I like to call the have and the have nots here in the city. I often notice these stark differences in my roamings and ramblings and jogging the NY/NJ area. First off - there are no good running areas in neighborhoods deemed by some city planner; less that affluent. The "less than affluent" neighborhood usually has one or a few rinky dink parks with some play equipment. Affluent neighborhoods have resplendent parks, great running areas - that are well lit. Fabulous in a word. 'Less than affluent' you're lucky if you fit on the sidewalk - good luck. I guess the justification is - hey don't bother with them, they don't exercise anyway. And God help you if you live in a project. Yet the folks uptown (Upper East & West) have the accessibility of Central Park and Riverside Parks, oh what a beauties! No coincidence that Central Park ends right on 110th St.; yes exactly where Harlem begins, hummm. And there is no other resplendent park until oh umm lemme see way way uptown. All that's there is hard concrete and side walk. Riverside's congeniality ends say around 125th and all that's offered is a rab scrabble walking/jogging area. Sometimes I think, was this deliberate or just an accident, or maybe someone somewhere thought that 'less affluent' people don't deserve beautiful sights and nice areas too.