Saturday, October 21, 2006

Disease In Vogue

So I was in the Post Office this morning and waited way too long for service but that is a whole 'nother blog post. After finishing with my biz and all, I was asked if I wanted to buy a book of stamps supporting breast cancer. I just said no, the attendent pressed on, asking if I didn't want to help. Now I've ran 2 races in support and Lord knows chipped in many other ways but I just ticked off and said to her, when I had my Pituitary problems last year no one would or could help - where the fuck is my foundation! Everyone just finds these causes and latches on to one thing, now its breast cancer. And God forbid anyone gets this dreaded disease, I am sure it is horrible for the sufferer, but what about the stamps for AIDS - Hey that didn't go anywhere, and all the other diseases that we need to be aware of. I hate that one illness gets moved front and center while the others disappear as if they've been cured all the while, they still exist, causing havoc and wrecking people's lives. Now we've got GAP running around with the Red campaign to help fight AIDS in Africa or help with AIDS medications there or whatever it is they're doing. But last I heard was that AIDS is devastating the black population here in America, oh no we don't want to talk about that. The GAP is probably trying to get something going since their couture this year was absolutely garbage. How much of the proceeds of all these pink blender, shoes etc and red shit is going to help.
Everyone just begs for everything, throwing more and more money behind these diseases and then they squeeze out 1/2 a cure every 10 yrs. I'm so sick of it all. All the brain power we have and I can't have closure in my mess but we need more money for some other shit. Am I angry - hell yeah especially since the average person doesn't even know what a pituitary is or where the hell it resides but hey we got another pill to make you dick hard or grow back your balding head or to keep your anxiety at bay or oh yeah another diet drug or sleep medication yeah - more sleep needed.
We've all gotten into the cause for the moment - everywhere are the pink ribbons I remember when it was the red ribbon all over the place now that's gone and so too will the pink when its not in vogue, what will be in vogue always though is the hundreds and thousands of people who continue to suffer on, who continue to fight even when the crowd is marching, or dancing or walking for something else. Even when the disease of the month is no longer thought about - I pray for all those folks.