Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Dark Horse!!!

I decided to tune into the Oscars tonight - even though I promised myself that I wouldn't and didn't care. But something told me that by my tuning in, something big was going to happen and it did!!! JHud aka Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar!!! I could scream and scream. I am violently happy for her!!! I love it. A black girl, who is not subhumanly skinny, a real real black girl, who didn't win American Idol, got voted off.

This lovely young woman shot out of nowhere and is picking up awards all over the place. On the cover of Vougue! Vougue - that perinnial magazine of whiteness, she, with her big bold self (and don't get me wrong, she ain't that big) on the cover!! Good Lord her head must be spinning. That big bold voice of hers! Its time that Hollywood take notice, 110lbs does not a star make. More real looking people please, that's who we the general public can identify with. This is beautiful!!!! So wonderful yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh! Go JENNIFER!!! I love an underdog!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sweet Soca Music

I often go for too long without hearing it and always underestimate the shear joy and spirit of partying and happy that it brings but there is no music - in my opinion that can get a Caribbean person moving like Soca aka Calypso music. And one of the better artists is Lil Rick. Hailing from Barbados he has consistantly been turning out friggin hits!!! He always sings in sick Bajan dialect and sounds oh so good! Lil Rick is de man! And here he is. The proponent of the dirty stinking wuk up and juk back - he is all things Bajan! Trinis keep it cool and sweet, Vincy get you jumpy, Antigua - hot hot hot but Barbados, you will work up and sweat and drop dead at the end of the night happy from pure stinky, dirty wukking up!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


As I was looking up some Bible contradictions yesterday on the web I must admit, I was somewhat dumbfounded by how many they are. There are 2 accounts - one saying that Heli was his father, and the other - Jacob. So what gives. I don't bother to question anyone about this because I'll just get dicked around and told that I should just believe and not keep questioning and this just sickens and annoys me. Basically I have come to the conclusion that the Bible is just a collection of books, some inspirational, some directional, some; based on the time period - legal and some, well just stories. A collection of people's thoughts and interpretations on life and the human condition. The human condition which basically doesn't ever change. People are and will always be stupid, greedy, envious, jealous, murdering and vile. Sometimes people tell me, oh you see, the Bible predicts, not really, statements about humans ring through from 2,000 years ago to present, we war, we fight, we never get along and on and on it goes. What has happened is that this book for the most part is revered by people as some sort of mystical saving device, in my opinion it is not.

It is a good book, with many deep things, comforting verses and good insight, there are also things to be taken very lightly. Bible thumpers take what they want to suit their own prejudices, likes and dislikes. Slavery and the crushing of Black culture in the Western world was justified through Bible verses. Racists in their most vile form found verses to support their hideous beliefs. The white man bastardised and used this book to subjugate and steal the human and material wealth of countless Africans. And then he told us that our culture and our religions were not good, or good enough. We had to convert to his, and turn our backs on ours. He made us fear and run from the religions of Africa, of our ancestors. We were made to think that the heinous slave trade and slavery was a necessary evil, we were evil so we had to suffer and now we have Christianity, we were lead from the dark into the light. Yes we've been brainwashed and sold that shit for centuries. Our books, the books of the Maya and all the great civilizations destroyed because the white man is a dictator - he wants no other authority but himself. He is god of his universe. Now we're made to believe that we'll never make it to heaven, all through slavery our suffering was placated by the fact that if we pray to sweet Jesus, we'll be happy after we expire and get to heaven. No fears - we'll be happy one day so keep cutting that cane and picking that cotton. Where are our books, where are our "bibles" from our civilizations. Do you mean to tell me that God put us all here and only chose one group of people to write a great book, and nothing like it before or after. That in itself is nonsense. No the white man with his twisted cult of Christianity has made sure that no book be revered, not the Buddhist books from China, nothing spiritual from the East, not the religions from the Indigenous peoples of the world, and certainly nothing from "darkest" Africa. Nothing - only his world view stands and that is what I have fallen away from. Having these views are frightening for most because people need a false sense of security, a blanket, even though deep down inside they question, they'll never admit because most people are afraid. To let go of these delusions is like falling, falling through time and space where nothing really matters. I fell away and now I see things in a whole different light, I guess that was the story about Lucifer falling out of heaven, you just kinda fall to earth I guess, falling to earth and reality.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


A new weight loss pill that will leave you with more skid marks than a blow out car chase in LA and Ted Haggard is cured of gayness after 3 weeks!!!! Halelujah! We're all cured now, all the fat folks line up to chow down on your greasy messy meals and know that all that fat will slither quickly down your gullet making a speedy exit - well you know where. ha ha Ted Haggard, the prepetually smiling evangelist and now former gay has busted back on the scene to proclaim that he is NOT gay and will be leaving the state to study Psycology!! Yikes! wouldn't want to be on that couch.

Next big story, Anna Nicole Smith - Dead um um um only made it to 39, how tragic. No one extended a hand to help this woman, not one person tried to help they just plucked her sad life of all the meat of gossip, clipped her clean and just left her carcass to gab over. Another week down and what a mess.