Thursday, February 08, 2007


A new weight loss pill that will leave you with more skid marks than a blow out car chase in LA and Ted Haggard is cured of gayness after 3 weeks!!!! Halelujah! We're all cured now, all the fat folks line up to chow down on your greasy messy meals and know that all that fat will slither quickly down your gullet making a speedy exit - well you know where. ha ha Ted Haggard, the prepetually smiling evangelist and now former gay has busted back on the scene to proclaim that he is NOT gay and will be leaving the state to study Psycology!! Yikes! wouldn't want to be on that couch.

Next big story, Anna Nicole Smith - Dead um um um only made it to 39, how tragic. No one extended a hand to help this woman, not one person tried to help they just plucked her sad life of all the meat of gossip, clipped her clean and just left her carcass to gab over. Another week down and what a mess.


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