Monday, January 08, 2007


Well we all know how much I love to travel. Its good for clearing the mind and learning lots of things, it expands one's horizons and mind. As I was moving around London recently and tipped into Holland I took notice of and was amazed at the variety of Africans and us people of African descent. I could look right away and tell the ones from the Caribbean, and the ones from Africa, and what parts. I started thinking. When speaking about Africans we've to remember that there are so many different tribes within Africa so many tribes with distinct features and characteristics. Those from the interior like Uganda have a different look to say the West Africans than the ones from say Kenya, like the Dinka and the Ibo and the Ashanti and Somalia and Entrea and Sudan and the Zulu & Dobe Kung in the South; and let's not forget about, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco. Tribes existing from ancient times, before the birth of Jesus, beautiful tribes, proud peoples, people at one with nature and God, even though many would beg to differ. Being at one doesn't only mean bowing down and reading the Bible and praying while others raid your surroundings.

I love to see the different faces, the differences in their looks and ways and how everyone from one ethnic tribe tends to all look related, the same. The Dinka with their height, the Ethiopians & Somalies with their thin faces and narrow noses, the ones to the north with the lighter skin tones, the Saudis out east the Zulu with their narrow eyes in the South, the Ugandans with their eyes and tribes out West with the round heads. Take a look and you'll see. We in the Caribbean are unfortunately the Lost tribes, stolen from the West Coast of Africa, Nigeria, the Dahomey and Ibo and Benin lost their peoples to the evil slave traders that bled, ransacked and plundered their Kingdoms for over 300 years. Filling each and every island in the Caribbean, and packing Brazil and areas of South and Central America, even North America with hundreds and thousands of stolen booty. We are the lost tribes that have the same lost look, the mix hundreds of years of the mix of black and white and the intermixing of the original mixing, we carry colors from peanut butter to buttermilk yellow, cocoa brown, medium brown, orange and even a few; still deep black. Our faces are the faces of the lost. We stand alone on the outside, we have no tribe but our own lost one with whom we favor. When I walk down the street in Holland I can tell the girls and boys of Somalia, Ethiopia, Oman, North Africa and in London the tribes from West Africa, those women with the smooth dark flawless complexions.

The white man would like us to forget that North Africa even exists anywhere in the realm of Africa, we've been lead to believe that Africa is a forboding, "dark" continent with strange black people like boogymen who do strange things and always seem to have some problem looming that the rest of the world has to help out. He wants to even divide the Africa, phrases like "Sub-Saharan" are used aka - "those darker ones" The white man is always looking to divide and conquer, he is a clever one and one must always be on their guard for his tricks. He's still got us in a tizzy. Made us somehow believe that even though slavery was his worse crime, worse than Hitler's; we should still find the silver lininig in that dark cloud, 'cause at least he brought us religion and civilization. We're made to believe that we would've been savages running around, not proud peoples from highly esteemed countries, with complex and advanced civilizations. No, we should be glad that our ancestors were somehow "saved" and thank God we don't have to live there in this country ravaged by AIDS, disease, poverty and every other scourge known to man. But he also doesn't let you know that had it not been for his disruption; Africa would've been a great place, the Garden of Eden.


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