Monday, November 06, 2006

This Strange Walk

Today a little more of my past melted away - my friend sent me an e-mail that read R.I.P Robin Gale and I froze. You see Mr. Robin Gale was Uncle Robin for me, my childhood friend's father, father figure and friend to me. As I read the e-mail I almost became catatonic. My mind shot back to all those birthday parties, back in 1979, '80, '81, '82 all the fun. He was a nice guy he was a fun person, one that you could go and shoot the breeze with, laugh with, make a fresh joke or 2 with. A kind person. That house was like a 2nd home for me, an extension of my home. I remember going there anytime I wanted, going thru the amazing record collection, Minnie Riperton, Teddy Pendergrast, Earth Wind & Fire and on and on, just mining that collection for much loved music. I remembered how I would go and hijack the TV to look at music videos because they had a satillite and all the MTVs and he loved to watch the racy gals in videos and we would laugh at his comments. To hear that he had what seems like a massive heart attack and died just slid right out of life was difficult to process. Its like it didn't happen. I think I somehow feel that life would always stay the same after I left. I guess everything froze in time for me mentally but it really moved on and things are changing a little too fast for me I guess.
I hadn't spoken to him in a while but he was a dear friend in my heart. It just made me think of how so many of my friends parents had passed since I've moved here. And we're still in our 30's, so many parents not getting to see their kids turn 40 or even 35. This year was Millie and now it seems like I'm sending another sympathy card again, remembering times past and an individual that someway was a part of my childhood experience. It makes one think of one's own mortality and the walk that we seem to take in this life, we're born, we grown we move through time and space and then something happens and we're not here anymore, just gone. As we walk this strange walk called life. Its times like this you really wish you could've held on to those long lost moments a little longer, 5mins more on that "happy birthday" maybe an hour or 2 longer with that conversation - just another moment more before you go.


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