Monday, July 31, 2006

Another One Bites...

Hi ohhhh! Got em! Mel Gibson besmirched! Last night as my husband found "Passion of the Christ" on tv with all its gratuitous violence - pop, up showed the story about the ingenue of the said show. Mr Mel Gibson drunk and belligerent. The pious super Christian Jesus boy, drunk, outta control and spewing anti-Semitic diatribe when arrested. What is it with all these people that wear their religious beliefs on their sleeves - especially the Christians always, falling unceremoniously from grace. They tumble from a precipice so high its unreal. We all tumble, like Gabriel, tumbling right outta heaven ending up in the debased and iniquitous place called Hell but some tumble harder and the sound is heard further. In his interview with Diane Sawyer he says that he's been "battling the disease of alcoholism" for many years. Disease!!! what the hell, I've heard about diabetes, cancer all things but not knowing when to put the sauce down, since when was that an illness! And where did that Jew Spew come from anyway, humm musta been on the mind and we all know that what the sober tongue conceals the drunken one reveals! So there it is bang! And I'm sure all and sudry of his Churchified friends will rush to tell us that this latest incident must surely be blamed on the Devil and that evil irresistable fire water called alcohol and that how when we're trying to step right, the Devil is there waiting ready to foil and embarass us! Yes that's it, that's a good reason. Many are wondering if this will ruin Mel Gibson in Hollywood - really please, nothing can ruin anyone these last days. His father is an ignorant bigoted asshole and he loves him and thanks him for his Catholic rearing. Well I guess he woulda made good ole papa quite proud, keep chuggin' em Mel!


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