Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dirty White Lines

White linessssssssssss, running thru my mind! Something blows ya mind away but... oh I digress. Dallas Austin first up on the hit list. A list producer, talented to the brim, just all 'round gifted - caught!!! In Dubai! Arab Dubai!!! Arrrrhgggh are you crazy, he allegedly ran back to the plane for his stash...arrghh again! I thought so hightly of this quiet producer, this producer that isn't flossing all over videos like all the others, caught up in a cocaine mess. Say it ain't so, Dallas, a dope fiend - awww daaayum. They tried to keep the story all quiet and cryptic but alas, the dime was dropped, he was locked up from May and the story broke last week in late June. ummmm okay! But what is even more troubling, is why. Why is it that when the ball gets rolling for these famous folks, up jumps addiction to trip them up, down goes Igby! Poor Dallas, he even had to be pardoned by the Prince, as a "patient" a patient! Sad, he was probably all broke down and pathetic what a mess, pardoned the poor bastard and deported his sorry ass. Is this how it all comes apart Dallas, what a messy meltdown.
No onto the next one, Hilary Swank's husband, ah Rob Low's Brother, Chad Low, um not as good looking as his brother, no where near as famous as his wife and definately upstaged by both. Yup he too, another candidate on the good ole blow. Marriage caved in, public divorce and I am sure no more fame or roles - coke fiend, gotta get clean. Sad, they seem to have it all, but scratch the surface, not even so deep and boom there it is, the insecurities, the issues, the pain. It's there and they've to medicate.
So to you Dallas and Chad we bid you good luck in your search for utopia, just a note, it doesn't really exist, you just have to learn how to navigate the mine field that is life and avoid being blown up!


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