Sunday, July 02, 2006

Get de belly dong

My husband is struggling with his weight, well his belly most of all. This has been a spat that's been going on for the last 5-6yrs. It protrudes, he moans, I encourage, he get belligerent and nothing gets done. Sometimes he'll put in a run with me, or a walk. He tries, he really does but I think that the shear project that involves "getting de belly dong" is daunting him, it is a task and he is worn out. I never understand why he becomes so angry at me when I try to have him go with me to the park to jog, or to kick boxing, or to the gym. There are always excuses - "too many people, crowded, don't like the bathrooms, there are gay guys in the showers, in the lockers, they look at me, I don't like this or that or, just leave me alone" He moans when we hit the park and when he does make it to his once-in-a-blue-moon workout I have to handle him with kid gloves for fear he packs it in, throws a tantrum and doesn't return for another 3months. I don't understand how someone with whom weight loss is so easy once the going gets going can be so discouraged. I came back from my pituitary mess (a whole 'nother story) not knowing what the hell was going to happen, if I would even lose a lb or maybe put on more, but I threw myself into the fight and I'm trying, slowly but surely. How is it that he is powerless to beat back his demons. He moans about his belly, his neck and the way he has to dress. He is dashing, handsome even in his chubby state, still a looker, he doesn't even have much work to do. Not like some who are looking at 100lbs, 50lbs, he's only looking at 20-30 yet he frets and fusses and is frustrated.
So the fight continues and the native foods win all the time; he's good, then he's bad, he gets on a winning streak then he'll bomb. He wants it but is miserable at the work he's to put in to get it. So onward goes the tug of war. I still ask him though, "want to go to the park?" I always get the same answer though - "nope, too tired" and on it goes and when clothes are tried there's tugging and pulling and that phrase raises its ugly head - "gosh, I gotta get dis belly dong!" And the fight, well it continues - someone ring the bell, we're at round 3 and looks like fat's got my poor man on the ropes and angling for a KO punch.


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