Saturday, July 01, 2006

Watch out - Star Falling!

This was the week of the woman, one scorned the other, well that still is to be seen. Star Jones-Reynolds, lawyer and celeb extraordinary; bride of the century with her completely sponsored and paid for by ______ (just fill in the blank) wedding was given the boot, or more like her walking papers. As they all say, hey that's show business. Funny enough The View literally let Star melt down for months now, while allowing the audience to gaze in amazement at her ridiculousness. With claws out and daggers tucked tightly into Burkin purses, the final meltdown occurred. Seems that Star had been told about her contract not being renewed in April and nudged to make up a sentimental tear jerker story or hey, start looking for a new job by summer's end. Star; the church going holy roller she is had another plan. With Pastor in tow, Star threw a monkey wrench right on down on the table at The View. She grasped hands and with eloquent grace, let America know that the cackle fest that is the View was "going in another direction and I won't be back for the 10th season" Oops, Star wasn't supposed to let that cat out that bag and on live air! Oops again, oops a 3rd time when it was found out that she gave an interview to People Mag saying she felt like she was fired. And how dare they!! The mighty Star, you could almost hear the sound of her falling out the sky and finally hitting planet earth. After her fiasco wedding and strange weight loss, engagement at the all star game to what looked like a "sweet" man she'd finally overstayed her welcome. And to tell the truth, without her messy self, that show is one old bore. So out she goes and in comes her nemesis - Rosie O'Donnell, poor Star, ousted and can't believe it. Well as they say, oh how the mighty hath fallen! So down goes Star and in comes Rosie, but they better get her in there fast, 'cause without the drama fest that is Star - The View is even more a bore. No one is beating a drum for Star either, she came off as such a big annoying self righteous bitch that she garnered scores of haters so instead of tears there were jeers and sniggers. So Star, regretting her silly behavior is now out and Rosie will roll with it!


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