Monday, May 29, 2006


The fight is fixed - well at least that's what the folks at think. So I saw these strange posters as I was about to go into the Lincoln Tunnel and jumped on the website only to be thrown into the anti-ipod/apple world of things. Some of the points are well lets just say, well taken. The bashing of the ipod is a thing that I really can't get into. I've just bought my first ipod and so far so good. It's heaven! 30GB of hard drive space on one system! What more can I ask for. Video is great although I just really use the device for listening to music while I work out and walk the streets of New York. I can have ALL my music available to me whenever the mood hits or for my everchanging minute by minute fancy. I've evolved with just about every musical device, I grew up and I must admit, I missed the 8 track, I caught the walkman, and boy did I have my share of those. I thought it was shear genius with the CD player, but the changing of the CDs was kind of droll. I also thought it was so fab to have the walkman that did the auto reverse on tapes! Brilliant! Oh but as the clutter built up I just began to wonder if there wasn't a way to do away with all of it. And none too soon in stepped the ipod. Now I hesitated and missteped by buying the Rio (not enough space for my insatiable musical appetite) I got the Sandisk mini fm/mp3 player - I thought that was the answer to my prayers until I realized that 512MB was again a bump up from the Rio but still a joke. So I sucked it up, and put the Benjamins down and walked out with a my piece of heaven. 30GB, and my entire music collection in the palm of my hand! Who could ask for more. So to the naysayers at Idon't - my confusion is why complain. What is there to complain about. I don't have an Apple computer and certainly no one has forced the ipod on me, but there is no other device on the market right now that's has a lock like they do. And as for listening to radio. That in itself is a crock, who the hell wants to listen to that garbage and those stupid ads over and over again. Now we'll all make our own playlists and as the anti ads say - isolate, inundate and in the end drop out. Hey ido so lay off the ipod, I don't care what you plug into, as long as its not stupid radio, I think we need to give radio the finger anyway. I think instead of spending time beating up on the ipod the folks at idont should take their fury out on fm radio. Hummm maybe that's an idea, hold on...I'll be right back.


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