Sunday, February 19, 2006

...Only when they're being funny

I'm sitting here watching "The Cookout" and the discription of it being a "mess of cliches" is totally correct. Why oh why do people continue to make these black cookie cutter movies that are all the same, the characters are all the same in each movie, neck rolling, ghetto fab people on parade in front or against "decent" white folk. There's music and plenty of dancing - why are we still dancing for the white folks, we've been dancing for show since coming over the slave ships when they let us up on deck and we're still hot footing it. The white folks in the movie are more that often late and just clueless. All the snapping on the "good hair" and bad baby daddy, baby mamma jokes are now just about tired. But this is the way that American in the 21st Century can deal with blacks in this country, they can can only swallow the pill if its making them laugh. Oh just keep laughing and laughing to keep all the uncomfortable feelings at bay. Yes all the uncomfortable feelings of all the bullshit that's been done, the lynchings, the harassment, the terrorism, the unlawful behaviour. Yes keep laughing keep all those feelings at bay because if we really had to deal with them - ha, wouldn't be so much laughing going on. None of the movies get really deep, deep means raising all the uncomfortable issues, the issues that people can't deal with, the sores that don't ever really heal, that can't really ever heal, at least not in this century.


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