Saturday, October 08, 2005

They Always Change the Beat

Africans trying to get into Europe via the area of Morocco that practically kisses Spain. So over and under the barb wire the jump and crawl, risking slashings and maybe death and all that goes along with stealing into another man's country for a stab at prosperity, a better life than that which exists back in the clutches of hard times in sub sahara Africa. I see this and I can't help think about the not so long ago past when colonialism was alive and kicking, it was ok for the European to freely charge into Africa, flag in one hand, gun in the next and proclaimed any part of Africa that he saw fit as his and his country's possession, no questions asked, no visa required and no entry blocked. He would then commence to set up shop, build himself a mansion, lay claim to all wealth of the said country, use for his own gain and profit and turn around and demand service from his unwitting hosts. After drawing what he needed from the said country that he invaded, the locals either became tired of his exploit or he sapped the said country and left. The European, soon retreats his home country now resplendent with the wealth sapped out from the colonies and then proceeds to bar the excolonized out. Yes now the beat changes, its ok for the European to plunder but it is not ok for the plundered to come knocking and asking for a few of the exploited crumbs. Now up goes barbed wire, and walls and "where is your visa, green card, pass, entry paper" and all that other bullshit that he was never asked to provide when he sailed up or flew in to reap all the benefits. Now you've to file papers and provide bank statements and papers and documents and file and visit immigration sites and "do you know anyone in this country?" and how long are you staying and where are you staying and how long are you staying and why are you here and on and on. Isn't it funny that when the European entered the colonized country he was never asked any of the above, he just arrived and proceeded to conquer and flourish. Now the Africans are met with barb wires and checks and barriers. Isn't it funny how they can change the beat as soon as you start to get the song, the rhythm. Always a switch and talk about "obeying our laws" yes laws that can't be broken, laws made up by kindly looking white gentlemen in nice suits, those same gentlemen that convince the public of what I can only see as madness. They play on the general populace's fears and insecurities and get them to back all kinds of weird resolutions, but what short memories they all have, all I can call it is a form of selective amnesia.


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