Thursday, September 01, 2005


I said it once and I'll say it again, nature is the great equalizer. Nature doesn't care about who you are, where you live, what possessions you have or your standing in life. It just shows up, whether you want it to or not, it is unstoppable and it equalizes everything, brings everything back to the same level, creates a sort of equilibrium. As I watch the misery in New Orleans; the city I visited twice and totally fell in love with; I think about how it has equalized all in shear misery, homelessness and despair. The rich the poor, the flossy, the blinged out, the white, the black - all united in the bog, in misery. I think that its God's way of reminding us that we need to wake up and stop our pettiness, and it works; for a moment and then we get better and elevate ourselves again, we get back on our lofty perches and forget the lessons we'd once learned. Down in the Bayou people stranded, plucked off roof tops, now being hoarded off into Texas. And in these situations man reverts back to his true savage self, people robbed, savaged and even raped. Raped, I can't imagine thinking about rape at a time like this. Alligators snakes, disease, heat and muck - and all you can think about is forced sex. I just don't know about some people at all. When this will all subside I don't know. Was proper planning in effect here, was a plan of action even had - doesn't even look so. Katrina showed us that again Nature cannot be tamed, or even subdued, they wrested the Bayou from the bayou and created a city but without proper maintenance the Bayou reclaimed itself, and now the city is just what it always was, one giant bog.


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Good job baby, i love the way you see life.

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