Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Ooooh Payola in NY - shocking!!! Nowadays terrestrial radio sucks so bad and the artists that are breaking are so talentless that no wonder the record companies - Sony in question; have to pay DJs to get the junk on the radio! I posted an earlier blog on why I love Satellite radio and this is even further reason not to ever come back to terrestrial radio once Howard Stern is gone...why bother! I also found another great outlet for Lounge and great House music Rautemusik.de in one word - FABULOUS!! But back to the payola, was it any surprise that JLo's airplay was fueled by anything but payola, I mean really who wants that and the fact that Sony paid people to call and request songs is pathetic!!! Album sales shrinking but airplay sky high - uh I say something wrong there. Terrestrial radio = same 10 songs ALL friggin' day! Radio is in the toilet and I am praying and hoping that Satellite - Sirius and XM crush it to pieces. I am the biggest advocate for Satellite I LOVE IT. Plain and simple and to the artists, if your label has to pay to get you played, well right now you should be burying your head in shame.


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