Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Not Guilty - Innocent?

So is Michael Jackson going to finally learn to stay away from young latin-like boys, stay away from having dubious characters share his bed, inhibit his personal space, work for him etc. It seemed that the jury was more disgusted at the mother dearest of this latest young fella than actually thinking that Michael was a poedophile. When the day was done, they all said that they thought she was incredible and incredulous. What a dog and pony show and side show for the media, a field day for them, I think that most in the media secretly were convicting poor weird Michael. Humm now they're all eating shit and talking all over their dumb faces and you could see it in their faces that they're wondering "what the...." Shut down, no more fan fare, no media madness as Michael goes to jail! ha ha Go look for Natalee Holloway now. And the fans, do these people work; the news interviewed a German guy! What the hey! But Mr. Michael walked away a free man and they're gonna be lots of people now with book deals, first start with the Jury box then, the hangers ons and the prosecutor and maybe even stupid old Snedon! What a dummy he should hang his head in shame, man did he have a hard on for Michael or what. So kill the story folks, Michael ain't going to jail, and ya'll ain't gonna have all that to talk about! ha So go back to running around looking for white women and kidnapped white babies! Bitches!


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