Sunday, May 08, 2005

America Merry Go 'Round

America seems destined to be stuck in a state of cultural and idealogical paralysis. Nothing moves forward, sometimes backward but the culture seems bent on taking one step forward only to giantly leap back.

Sameness: Why is everything the same - all morning tv wake up shows, all the same syrupy sweetness with those hapless visiting yokels with their dumb signs. All the female anchors have the same "safe" appearance and haircuts, same dress, they say nothing new or exciting much less titillating, mostly blond and white. That's whatcha get.
And except for Howard Stern & Wendy Williams in radio - well they're all pretty much the same, call up someone, play a prank and well you know the rest. Nothing revolutionary, no hard questions asked, just gladhanding and pampering of modern day Emperors and their "new clothes"

Popular movies - Yep pretty much the same, white lead and if not, strong supporting white co-star. The unspoken rule being "hey can't do too much with the minorities, we're trying to sell movies to the "heartland" and those yokels don't have a clue what racial diversity means" please some of those yokels probably never seen anyone out their racial makeup. So that's why we get movies like "The Last Samurai" starting Tom Cruise - I mean really, or "The Mexican" staring Brad Pitt - ok go figure. Of course when they test screen the movies that's what the perpetually backward audience wants, still stuck in the dark ages, this is the new found and unspoken racism. No one has to say a word - certain people just get frozen out. And all the movies have the same dumb love story thread with the "happy ending" bullshit - can someone be revolutionary here!!


Blogger Michael J.W. Stickings said...

Nice blog you've got here. Check out my liberal blog at:

Some of my recent posts on sexuality might interest you, given your last post on "prudes".

What you're essentially describing here is the world of Nietzsche's last man. The flattened end of history (and philosophy). It does seem that much of America is coming to resemble that bourgeois sameness. Don't hold your breath waiting for anything revolutionary. Jefferson once said that a little revolution every now and then isn't such a bad thing. America needs him now more than ever, don't you think?

Yes, let me know what you think.

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