Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Suburban Jesus

I figured out the reason why I don't like religion of any sort. I of course am a free thinker and don't want anyone or organization to take sole responsibility over my thoughts or opinions. I don't want to be tied to some group of people who think this or that and no matter what I feel deep down inside, now I've to go along with whatever whacky agenda or opinions they have. I hear all these people complaining about Church and the Catholic this and that and Judaism and whatever and you know what - guess what! You don't have to belong to any of those groups, who says that you've to be suckered into the alter call when they sneak that creepy old organ music under the minister's invitation to "come on up and admit to your old durrrrty sins, you ole scurvy sinner" You don't have to do any of it, or do you do it because you're scared that you might not get into heaven if you don't go, or that something awful might happen upon your exiting of the said place. Guess what, that guy up there a callin' don't know more than you, he's no authority on "gettin' into heaven or hell" or who made him gate keeper anyway? I'll be just fine thank you. I don't need to be suckered into being a member or partner so that you can siphon away my money to build yet a bigger church and forge ahead into rarer lands charging at full speed to Christianize more natives and deliver more souls to glory and maybe a few dollars for that Lear Jet.


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