Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hail To The Pope

All Catholics Hail! You've got your new leader, yes because for the last few days while they inturned the other one you didn't know what to do with yourselves, you were adrift in the sea and probably engaging in some form of debauchery with out your God Head to tell you what to do and how to do it! Oh my. So Papa Ratzi (as the Sun newspaper dubs him) will take his role and plug in to tell you guys what to do, how to live your lives, and most of all; get your arses back into Church, especially in Europe where you've fallen off. Of course they've got most of the 3rd World locked, those poor destitute, half illiterate people who will hang on to anything that promises a half better life, somewhere, even if its in the AFTER life. The Africans were a little bit sad that the new Pope wasn't an African and the Latinos were also not too too pleased. But really did they really ever think those stuffy old goats were gonna be progressive enough to chose someone ethnic!!! How dumb of them, shows you where their intellect is. Get real I say to those dummies. And for all the gays and women moaning about there predicament - SHUT UP - How I see it, the Church is a club, they present their rules and you decide if you wanna belong, don't like the rules well then keep it moving find another club that suits you better, maybe the GLAD would be a right fit. Why do you have to belong to the Church anyway, why do you need it, if it doesn't fit, form your own club, stop looking for love and acceptance where it obviously won't be given. *sigh* Another case of "Love me Daddy" going on with them!
I digress, so this new Papa was briefly a member of the Nazi youth humm how nice. And he's also called God's Rottweiler - right like God needs one good luck I say, alienate more people from the sick Church full of man boy lovers and sexually frustrated, sexually ambiguous men and women. Lets keep the news moving please! What about the Marburg virus in Angola!


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