Monday, April 04, 2005

Another one Bites!

Here it is, one week after they propped him up in the Vatican window and tried to will his slowly dying body to speak, Pope John Paul the II gave up and gave in to Old Death holding his scief(?) The world is all abuzz, as he lies in state in full regalia, garments and fantastic shoes to boot. I guess those are the ones that he might be entering the gates of heaven in and treading oh so softly o'er the streets of gold? Yes millions of Catholics praying and mourning the death of their great leader. 'Cause we as humans always seem to need someone to tell us what to do, someone to worship, someone to hand over our savings to, someone who's feet we seem to need to fall and fawn at, someone we need to prostrate ourselves to, submit to; obey. I heard that Mexico is 92% Catholic, strange, you couldn't want for a more corrupt and downtrodden impovrished country, yet they somehow keep this strange religion going. The Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church has millions in dollars, pesos, euros or whatever currency of the land. The Church makes sure to keep a vice grip on its constituants so as not to let that lucrative income slip away. I have never been one for respecting that Church with its strange practices, saint & idol worship and shear idle heirarchy. The powers that be in that church will never spiritually empower the people that follow; and the most ignorant that they are, to do this would be to lose the grip that they have and the viable power that most of these men in leadership roles bask in.
So now JPII is resting in state; and hopefully in peace, the Cardinals must pick another head, to counter the growing threat of the other sects of Christianity, Islam (yes all Christians want that stamped out) and terror (somehow I don't know how this links with Catholisism). I'm sure they'll pick yet another old soul, who will campaign against anything progressive like, women's rights, the future or anything that draws the "flock" away because in the end it's not really about your spirituality or your "threatened soul" but about the bottom line and your willing submission.


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