Sunday, March 27, 2005


So its Easter, the glorious alleged resurrection of Jesus from 3days of being buried after being crucified, its a rebirth, also the end of Lent; the ending of what was Jesus' long meditative walk in the desert where he ate nothing but berries, nuts and was tempted by the devil - whom he resisted. So we emerge on this first week of Spring, all symbolizing a fresh start, a new beginning, the rise from the 3month death of the winter. Like Jesus we rise, off with the black and out with all the fresh pastel spring-like colors. It is a time for the 2nd going to Church of the church visitors who go thrice a year, New Years, Easter & Christmas. It is also the time for the famous, or infamous Passion Plays. Yes those highly charged emphatic plays featuring the last few hours of Jesus' life originating from sources that we now know are suspect in their inaccuracy. So it was with this fervor I decided to accompany my husband to his church's "play", I thought, "well, why not" Well why bother as it was only another opportunity for me to've been put thru the wringer!! The "play" if you can call it that; centered around an opening dance, and consequent skits with no relation on a man who lost his job and lost his faith (although from his wife's account, for 25yrs he had none) then a mother with 2 unruly children; one going astray and eventually getting murdered. Oh I forgot to mention the 1/2 hour long monologue by the play's author as she assumed the role of pastor/pastress to alert us to, our turning our backs on the church, the Lord and all else - Thanks for the memo. Then came the other half at which I bailed, mentally. Then after all the theatrics, much screaming and overacting, lamentation and shameless ploys and hard sell of Christianity; came the pastor's final note. *Sigh* where do I begin...well basically the same stale message from my last entry 4months ago, bah bah bah, lost eternity, blah blah, get shot, in a casket, not in church, watching soaps, out clubbing, backsliding, no time for the "Lord", busy with everything else, backsliding, give your life now, you could get knocked down, killed, murdered and every other way of dying, blah blah, slip your hand up, bow your hearts, come to the alter, Jesus, lost eternity and on and on. Well I was almost ready to take my shoe off and fling it at the stage, THE SAME FUCKING MESSAGE EVERY GODDAMNED TIME!!!! Get a new sell, I wonder, does he get commission on the people that "accept Jesus as their Lord & saviour" what is the impetus for this sell, well after 4 hours of a dumb play that had ZERO connection to Jesus' resurrection or hardly an ounce of entertaining value my head was ready to POP OFF!!!!! I have now had enough of this place and have made up my mind that if I must save any sanity or myself I can never return, so it is on this day in the Year of Our Lord I am disassociating myself from this Church and the diatribes and will NEVER return unless doing business or thru some strange miracle!!!! I can chalk this up as one of my life's worse experiences......waiting in line at the INS is paradise compared to this, chinese water torture comes close!!!! Its now official I HATE CHURCH I'm totally put off, thanks Pastor Bacchus you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah you succeeded in chasing me AWAY from the alter call - permanently!!!


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