Thursday, December 30, 2004

Beyond the Sea

In recent history and indeed in our not too distant past; man has become emboldened with the ability to control his surroundings; the environment. We've basked in the glorious sunshine of our technological advances, our seemingly endless desire to conquer others, and the environment. But time and time again, we are shown that we and all our "advances" mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. This recent tsunami should illustrate to mankind the shear awsome power and force of nature that no matter what we do and how many literal or figurative mountains we climb we are suseptable to being swept under and out by the tide of nature's wrath. We are all game all those tourists on the beach front properties, almost temping the sea, the calm sea that one can feel so close to at times but that reared up to belie the shear horror that it was capable of. The rich and the poor were lined up side by side, a prince, Swedish tourists and poor service peasants; all washed out alike, none dying better or any different to the next. We must remember that we can only admire, but never forget all that lies beneath the most serene in nature - be it the wind, an idle mountain, the ice or the sea. Now the sea has returned to its calm state; watching it one can't believe that the beautiful blue was to blame for all the heartache and destruction that has now been wrought on these poor souls and these destitute countries.


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