Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Weeping after the Waves

I couldn't help but comment on the awful horrendous power of nature's fury at this past tsunami. It came out of nowhere crushing and killing all in its path, or at least people not lucky enough to be able to hold on to a variety of objects, tourists sunbathing, local city goers seeking a beach front weekend, children playing. The sea lurched back, and tossed angrily into land sweeping the people like pieces of timber. No matter how we try to think that we are so technologically advanced and superior in our cars with our computers and all our fancy shit; we are no match for God and the forces of nature, we are powerless in its face. Nature crumbles houses, throws our prized possessions about and basically makes a farce of everything we hold dear to our mortal hearts; our families and loved ones. People wandering, lost children, wives, hushands etc. All stolen away with nary a warning, on minute here, the next being surprised and dragged out to sea. Just imagine the terror those people must have felt. I am from and island and have had samples of the shear brute force that waves can deliver, so something of this magnitude must've been terror envoking and devastating and I am sure we haven't seen everything, every heart wrenched soul. And of course in fine fashion my husband with his staunch Christian upbringing was half pondering why these people in this part of the world are always hit with some disaster and he sumised that it is their lack of the acceptance of Christianity and the worshiping of idols and etc etc. This is when I go ape and crazy, why do we always look to blame these poor penniless peoples for events way beyond their control and events that are common to their part of the world. If they had had the money that's held in say Beverly Hills or the Upper West side, they woulda been well taken care of - alerted of oncoming disaster and well preserved, but they were just poor poor people.
Check out this link for a first hand account of this horrible disaster and also where you can give your donations.


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