Friday, December 03, 2004

The White Male Anchor Still Reigns!

So out walks Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw, into the sunset ending the era of the fatherly male comforting; daddy's-home white male anchor. But really, has it really ended. If anyone for $50 give me the name of a "reliable" female anchor!!! Thought so, no one. The white male anchor still reigns supreme, he is the eye candy, the voice of reason, the voice we as Americans still believe, you hear that baritone and you believe every word coming out his mouth, he can do no wrong, he is your God all knowing truthful and totally in charge, taking care of your every need. You just can't believe that he might just not know as much as he seems to. It seems that women these last days are relegated to the Fox News Channel where they are nothing but sexy eye candy...I mean really do they even know where to find anything on a map. Yes the lipstick is all there in place and glossed up, but you know that she's an air head. The women are stuck in for the filler news breaks and such, the men...well they are the big guns, they are at the helms of all the "serious" news shows, that stern look, the authority in the voice, just calls attention...This is what the voice of God would sound like. Yes we believe white males, especially handsome ones in great suits. Boy a white man in a well cut suit could sell you sand on a beach and the Brooklyn Bridge. He can walk into any board room with nothing but rice pudding for brains and convince everyone that he is 2nd to none in intelligence. Yes as much as we move ahead with all the technology and "know how" we're still backwards - and therein lies that old saying, "never judge a book by its cover" and "all that glitters is not gold" But we still fall for the okey doke anyway.


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