Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Swan Song

Friend or Foe

Farewell Arafat, the much debated; and hated in some circles, leader is gone, after a long suffering mystery illness. Me I'm neither here nor there in the debate, he was a good man, he was an indifferent man but he made his mark; however you choose to look at it; on the world. In Paris he took his final breaths, barely hanging on for the last 2weeks tenatiously clinging to life he did but today, he is gone. I just finished putting together footage for an A&E project on his Biography. They'd buried him, methaphorically since last week anyway and we knew to expect the worst so there it is. As they say, another one bites the dust. And now the squabble is on for that elusive cliche of "peace in the middle east" somehow I don't think ever. Peace is a kind of personal responsiblity and the fact is - Israelis and Palistinians don't like each other.


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