Friday, November 05, 2004

Some cool links...

So the postmortem begins on how the Dems lost just about the whole house. Everywhere in NY I overhear conversations...sarcastic and cynical none the less on the 'Religious' nuts that swayed the whole damned thing, the Evangelicals...those cursed feeble minded wackos. Two guys on the elevator today:
"So you wanna be a front runner for the Dems in '08, ok here's the check list, so you accept Jesus as your saviour, are you born again...ha ha"
Yes its all over the place...people are scared of abortions and gay marriage..not jobs or anything else under the sun...just those 2 things - well at least in America...'cause golly life is just so gosh darned perfect well thar ain't nothing else to worry about! But I digress, the postmortems are in and the discussions are heated and the analysis on why Kerry lost are vast. Here is one particularly good one.
This is actually an article on the progressive death of American culture, which, in the face of the current climate is quite agreeable, at least by myself.


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