Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Someone popped a balloon!

Well folks the fix is in...did all you glassy eyed Democrat/Liberals think it would go any other way. The fix was probably in from last year. Like a Don King fight...I really hope that that was the case and that I'm not surrounded by idiots. In this so called '1st' world country, with a bunch of "mouth breathing" "bible thumping" seething backward middle America-'moral majority' spewing freaks! Seems like the rest of the world is moving ahead while we Romantisize a past that exists only in the strange far realms of some labotomized mind. I kinda knew that Kerry was a goner from the get go, too savvy to trendy not definitive enough. He didn't stand an ice-cube's chance in Hell. And alas with all the Fahrenheiting, super star powering, Catholic touting, God Bless America-ing, Howard Stern yelling, Vietnam Vet touting and shear common sense talk...all that still couldn't save him. Truth is, Kerry wasn't the man anyway, he just filled in and stepped up to the plate after - well you know - yup...The Dean SCREAM!!! YEAAAAAHHHHH!!! He put up a good fight though, but the Republicans did a better job to trounce him in the end. I was hoping that he might win out like the Boston Sox did but hey. Well Senator Kerry your tragics flaws that caused your downfall were legion, you came close but no cigar and here are the few things that you might like to work on in case you run again - Dynamo! One has just got to be dynamic...Charisma, you've to 'WOW' them, that 'wow' factor is key...even the vile Hitler had it, Clinton did too...he couldn't even help you. One has to say something for charisma, it can get you in anydoor, anywhere and make sheep out of people. You didn't appeal to the "common denominator" Too much and too all over the place. What's the real concrete disclosure was the fault. You were too elite, people want a pal. Bush was "pal 'o mine" joshing, joking and Jesusing his way all 'cross country and back into the White House. Yup going to Church and all, shucks a real down home boy. You were wind surfing, or biking, or snowboarding....uh uh Middle America don't get that. They shunned you, they didn't know or get your agenda..hell I wasn't sure either. You wished and washed and they called you wishy washy, flip flop and it stuck because you simple didn't define yourself. You pandered too much and they all saw through you. Even if Bush is the devil in disguise...hey you'd never know. They did a good strategic job on that end. Your wife - too brash, people want the nice homely school teacher; your family; hummm too much, divorce 2nd marriage...yeah people get scared of that. People want the one wife one husband for all eternity ideal - you didn't have it and again you scared them. They thought that the gates of Hell were gonna come flying open and a bunch of married gay folk would come out! The Hollywood types didn't help either - can you say "backlash" and all that service in Vietnam....out the window! Bush Churched it to the max, got my ex-roommate, husband's folks - all democrats I might add- to vote for him. No one was quite sure what the gracious opponent was up to, nor did he really say, maybe it was for all good - but he didn't quite say it! Well as they say, Que sera, sera and the fix is on. Dems, regroup, reform and lets hope there's a country to gather together next 4yrs - go get 'em! But for what ever its worth saying, people will always choose the familiar, even if it ain't good that the strange and unclear. We'll cling to a bad situation 'cause we just do what we know and we're scared of what we might get if we change.


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