Saturday, October 16, 2004

Oktober Mind Fest!

Well another day has sunk unceremoniously into night and winter draws closer, the close tight clutches of the season of death are upon us. Boredom closing in on every front and the cupboards calling out...only problem, I've got no junk to I just end up drinking unrealistic amounts of diet soda and home made lemonade! Gosh wish I could be in Amsterdam right now at La Cana Elections draw near and who would believe that its been 4yrs since the nicompoop took over the White God. Well for those of you who still have a brain would join me in calling for the legalization of what else...yeah drugs. Thats a whole 'nother rant, the so called "war on drugs" is such a farce anyway!!
Well onto another interesting and schintillating mess...yes Bill O'Reilly...who knew he was such a randy old dude...after all that chatter about the rappers and the dirty raps...looks like he was gettin' his dirty rap on too. Check out
the smoking gun for all the tawdry details! Of course who can believe this strange gal but hey its entertaining non-the-less!!!! Did I also mention that I was a GIANT Howard Stern fan and he is going to Sirus I can't wait until he can be on a forum away from the clutches of all these conservative assholes where he can get down dirty and RAUNCHY!!! YIPPPEEE!


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