Sunday, September 26, 2004


Its been said that time waits on no man, true saying as a matter of fact, so that's why I value time so much, seeing that we've about 70 yrs on this here planet and the fact that there is no such thing as time travel, well once wasted, its pretty hard to regain time. Where am I going with all this...ok. So I've got this running buddy we agree to meet up and jog in Central Park, problem is...she can NEVER seem to make it there on TIME! Now this isn't something that has happened once or twice...I'll give anyone a break. But 5,6,7 oh my God- now you're killing me! Late for our meets, late for some races, I think she is just doomed to be late! Wasting your own time is fine, but I find it absolutely disrespectful to waste the time of others, seeing that one doesn't and cannot ever get it back. Those minutes of aimless waiting in the Park have added up to about 2hrs by now... 2hrs, a good movie, knitting a scarf hell just doing whatever. Forever gone - up in smoke and nothing to show for it! The next time you think of wasting anyone else's time, and that'd be with idle chatter or just friggin' well being late all the damned time, just remember, you've a limited amount and the hour glass is always running! That's my gripe for today.


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