Thursday, August 26, 2004

Fat City

I love to people watch and in a city like NY it's a Godsend, but from looking at most of the people in the city I have come to the startling and disturbing conclusion that most of you (or them) are mentally disturbed!!! How can so many people walk around absolutely and completely fat (and freak show fat I mean) and outta shape and then wear what they wear and be sane!!! Some of the sights are unbelivable..hey anyone got mirrors anymore...remember those things! And black girls...ya not sexy in those tight things with all those stretch marks hanging out, guts bobbin' and ass a jumpin' nope...not even close!! It is absolutely outta this world looking at some folks. Men with the immensely fat guts just hangin over and waaaaaaaay over the belt. And then some of these folks have the nerve, or better yet the chagrin to EAT and eat something like and Micky Dees in PUBLIC. If I looked like half their size I'd never let another single soul see food pass my lips! I'd be like a closet drunk or those functioning drug addicts...alone in the house!!! Hide that shit under my bed. For cryin' out loud, no one needs to see that. The amount of fat on these butts could provide enough energy to run this bloody city. Hey I guess that's the outlook from someone like me who gives half a damn about my appearance at least or maybe its just me that's insane....hummmmmmm


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