Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Why I hate People!!!

Did I mention how much I've now come to hate my job, my boss, his boss and all the other cocksuckers in suits that all need to take flying leaps off the nearest cliffs. Well if I never mentioned it...I am now! What is this rat race all about anyway, you grind and grind to make money for someone else and while doing such and solving all their problems you in turn give up your own life. And of course the bribe for giving up one's life is the bribe of "health care" & a retirement fund. Ahhh, you just cannot win, unless you go into business for yourself! When you work hard you're told...hey you never get upset, when you slack off - oh you don't give enough! What's to give. Did I already say how much I HATE MY JOB!! I HATE IT SOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!! God help me out this rut I just have to leave!!!! That's enough of my rant for tonite!


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