Thursday, June 24, 2004

You're not white!

"Hey, lemme talk to you for a moment" that was the voice that yelled out somewhere in Chelsea behind me, after realizing that there was nothing to be said, I just waved him off - he; young man about mid to late 20's, looking normal enough. Then up behind me came the voice and a question seemingly out of nowhere - "Why do you perm your hair and try to look white? You're not white! Go natural!" Uh ok whatever. It's amazing what people think they can tell you in the street in this mad city. Today my Muslim friend told me that she always get the Christians trying to convert, I just get the freaks yelling about whatever!
"Hey do you like Hip Hop" ok weirdo #2 day #2. Uh huh I think. Up comes this wanna be retro, jazz fusion hip hop dude - or so he thought he was. Pulled out an album and starts flippin' thru pics of himself going on about this is him performing at such and such and whatever. He's got his lil sis in tow and when she leans in he barks - "Move back, just back it up!" At which point I interject and tell him not to be so mean, she is like his lap dog or whatever, obviously way younger and could take much abuse. He with his Louis Vuitton bag and cheaply pressed CD. He went on on his tangent with much adjusting of his 'Goldy-like' hat and retro shades telling me about the record biz and how he doesn't wanna be involved and that he's gonna make them come to him and he is his own distribution blah blah...whatevah! I just took his info(supplied on a Sprint PCS business card) and said yeah I'll check you out. He kept pressing for my info so I gave him a bogus e-mail and off he went. I mean, you're allegedly an artist with - no web site, no biz cards nothing...get real! And you really think you gonna make it in the music biz - ha ha ha! Betta luck next time!


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