Friday, June 11, 2004

Blah blah blah!!

Yes that's the sound resonating in my head from this week all the fake patronage by all these lame reporters about Reagan and his manipulative wife Nancy...oh how great how sorry.."he was a comedian".."oh the pagentry" "he loved this and that and blah blah blah" from friends reporters and the usual suspects. Poor Reagan was a walking dead that no one seemed to care about for the last 10yrs now he's died the physical death they've trotted out all the maudlin tributes. Moreover, I've never seen a casket do such a tour, from CA to DC all those people viewing and then back to CA and whooosh just put 'im in the grave let him rest. And Barbara Walters and, oh just gimme a bloody break all of you. Now my mom's visiting from B'dos and she's all wrapped up in the mess; talking back to the TV and evaluating every bloody thing! Oh God save me from this train wreck. And Nancy...whatta BITCH!! And poor Reagan, leader of the free world and died not even knowing or remembering the 8yrs.
So all this week was either Reagan or silence or TV off. On a sadder note...Ray Charles died yesterday and his greatness was lost in all the Reagan frakus! Ray Charles! good ole Ray, funky blind macking ass Ray!!! God rest your soul, I've got you on my mind!

Well tomorrow is yet another day and I've a 10k at 9am so time to rest up and get ready for 6miles of pure andrenaline!


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