Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Herd

So, got to talking with a guy at a pawn shop yesterday and while waiting on my ring to get shined we got to talking and then talking even deeper. My husband mentioned that he was from Guyana and if anyone remembers Guyana well you should remember Jim Jones...well you'll know why the guy then said "don't drink the kool-aid!" He said what I already had figured out in the head, we all at some point want to follow, we all want a leader, to feel protected, safe like some one in charge is gonna take care of things, or somehow knows better; makes living easier to do. Religion is like this like 'Lord of the Flies'; remember that book. There's a leader/head or whatever, the dogma is issued and no questions asked, to ask means you don't believe and to not believe, well the consequences are numerous and again don't ask questions. Many times I get to thinking and start asking questions, especially to Christians, I'm just told well that's what the Bible other words, don't ask any questions just follow, just follow and follow and follow and hopefully you'll be lead of end up in the promised land - where we all wanna be and where the kool aid can't hurt a thing. If you have the nerve, ask yourself - do you want to lead or follow? Because to not be a part of the herd can sometimes be very very hard and in some places....very lonely.


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