Thursday, July 01, 2004

Rich man, not so rich man

I don't know how many people tend to realize the differences between what I like to call the have and the have nots here in the city. I often notice these stark differences in my roamings and ramblings and jogging the NY/NJ area. First off - there are no good running areas in neighborhoods deemed by some city planner; less that affluent. The "less than affluent" neighborhood usually has one or a few rinky dink parks with some play equipment. Affluent neighborhoods have resplendent parks, great running areas - that are well lit. Fabulous in a word. 'Less than affluent' you're lucky if you fit on the sidewalk - good luck. I guess the justification is - hey don't bother with them, they don't exercise anyway. And God help you if you live in a project. Yet the folks uptown (Upper East & West) have the accessibility of Central Park and Riverside Parks, oh what a beauties! No coincidence that Central Park ends right on 110th St.; yes exactly where Harlem begins, hummm. And there is no other resplendent park until oh umm lemme see way way uptown. All that's there is hard concrete and side walk. Riverside's congeniality ends say around 125th and all that's offered is a rab scrabble walking/jogging area. Sometimes I think, was this deliberate or just an accident, or maybe someone somewhere thought that 'less affluent' people don't deserve beautiful sights and nice areas too.


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