Sunday, July 04, 2004

Born on the 4th?

So its July 4th and time to trot out the ole red white + blue, let the rah rahing begin and flag waving continue; they killed another US marine in captivity over in Iraq - probably cut off his head, like they did the other one just last week, ya wouldn't know it, everyone just a barbecuing and carrin' on like no tomorrow, with not a thought in there minds about either one - God bless America, so they say, the land of the free brave and short memoried! Caught the movie "The Corporation" yesterday and boy what a further eye opener. Rouge corporations, tainted and hormone filled milk and all kinds of other abuses - yup long live the shareholders and there profits, death to the masses, as long as they can turn a profit with the least expense. Journalists fired for wanting to report the truth. I've always said that news in this country is a poppy show anyway, with the blood, gore, black males; stories leading and the feel-good nonsense to cap it all off. Good luck trying to get real info from any of these outlets! So there it is pop another chicken leg down, suck some more pina coladas up and kick back and relax!


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