Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Diet Kingdom

So here is my final judgement on why it is hard as hell to lose weight in America and keep it off. The US is the kingdom of commercialization and buy buy more more more, more variety more choices...ever go to a Starbucks..enough frou frou drinks to sink a fleet of ships. More people more types of food-Malaysian, Haitian, Indian, Spanish blah blah blah and that's in NY so let the eatin' games begin....not to mention that if you bow out of the great and awsome feast you're regarded as some type of freak. Eat eat eat then diet diet diet, South Beach, Atkins, Pritkin blah blah blah Trim Spa, CortiSlim and should I go on. Yes we spent billions on trying to lose this yellow mass called FAT. I had a thought today and I thought that its our jobs that're making us fat too. No one knows better that me, stress up.....haul in the junk and chocolate biscuits! Yippee! What we as humans really need to be is free, free to walk and just exist, after all isn't a job and all the aquisitions that come with it just distractions until we die anyway??! Just be free to walk and be, not confined to some dumb desk pushing paper and shuffling shit around! We need to be out biking and running and walking and whatever, but not stuck at some shitty desk listening to the demands of bosses and dumb needy clients!
Yes that thought dawned on me as I walked through Times Square, as the herd of people rushed by in the rain looking a mess. What are we doing just waxing and waning through life and a sometimes miserable existance.
Now my take on why the Gap is trying to fool us and make us fat. I'm now like a size 6-8 but have always found that I need 2 sizes smaller to fit any pants at that store, thus giving us a false sense of what is really going on, so beware the sizes at the Gap! They decieve women all over!


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