Friday, August 27, 2004

They're heeeeeeeeeere!!!!!

The vile Republicans are coming the REPUBLICANS ARE COMING...Oh shit they're here. Here for the RNC Convention in what is the most unfriendly city I can think of to Repubs. NYC!! Can ya believe it. And the games shall begin, the actin' up has literally begun, the group ACT UP went buck naked in front of the MSG to prove a point about AIDS. Let the games begin!!! The protests are scheduled to get started, tricks like Halloween. The big protest on Sunday that I've been warned to stay away from with my trusty camera. The banner's been unfurled, Bush going this a way, truth the next and the arrests have started....oh what a mess it'll be. And people are fleeing already! All the Gov. vehicles are in and I even caught a glimpse of Gov. of NY, Mr. Pataki on the Upper West Side for Dinner. I can't wait for the Hi Jinx to begin...Welcome Pussy Faced Bush!!!!


Blogger Kevin said...

hmm.. i'm all for hatin' bush.. but uhh.. yeaaah... ya got a republican mayor there buddy.

11:01 PM  

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