Friday, October 15, 2004

Debate Debacle

Well folks, there you have it 3rd debate down and I haven't heard anything different from the last 2 times, and does anyone even care...are these 2 jerks gonna run the country anyway or is it just running itself. Same rhetoric, "kill the terrorists", "hunt them down" "no child left behind" "I have a plan" "freedom is on the march" and blather blather blather! Can you believe in all the square milage of this here great nation, this is all they could come up with to run it??!! 2 repetative boobs. Kerry the panderer and Bush the praying idiot. No one can get work & we're talking about gays trying to hook up!! Kerry skewered the Bush camp by - what I thought was pure bad taste - mentioning Cheney's gay daughter is something totally unrelated. I just about wanted to crawl under a rug right then.
Bush on abortion (another non-issue): uh ahh we want less of that, we're trying to creat easier adoption, maternal centers...ah something like that far off in the horizon.
Kerry on abortion: I'm catholic, catholic...was an alter boy infact, but freedom to choose, you know uh alter boy belieft won't impede humm gotta think about those swing states....
Ah well there you have it step right up and cast your best vote. Good luck, they're all the same anyway.


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