Tuesday, October 05, 2004


The elections are upon us and boy are the good ole boy politicians out and about canvasing and carryin' on, the debates...if you wanna call them that. Yada yada, everyone of them making promises that they probably cannot keep anyway, none of the 2 sides. Skull and bones as on writer puts it. All in the same camp. The debates are a farce, a set up, a shill game on the American people. Cheney gettin' whupped by Edwards, Edwards taking a snipe from scurly ass Cheney! Yeah how to fix Israel and all...good luck NO ONE CAN FIX THE ISRAELI/PALISTINIAN conflict...get over that shit, they'll NEVER get along!!! Stop trying godammit!!! How the hell are any of you guys gonna help me....oh oh Cheney voted against Mandela coming outta jail and Martin Luther King Day!!!??? whoa, I knew he looked like a mean old codger bastard. Politicians, just looking to enhance their resumes and show off themselves, they don't roll up there sleeves and get in there, nah, too busy gladhanding, kissing babies, attending dinners, signing off on bogus legislations and talking a good game. Fuck all of em!


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