Sunday, September 26, 2004


It was once said that Time waits on no man, so that's why I value time. And seeing as we've approx an average of about 70yrs max on this planet....I really don't like to waste time, that's why it is a valuable as gold. Unlike gold...once time is lost it really NEVER can be gained back again. So I've got this running buddy of mine and we always schedule our meeting in Central Park to hit the asphalt and run...small problem, she can NEVER seem to make it-yup you guessed it- on TIME! Ok the first time you slide, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even 5th and this is after I've gone off on the run WITHOUT you...left you behind...still she shows up late. Poor soul, its always that the trains are late or out of commission, or the folks held her up at work or.......whatever. Fact is, when we plan to meet, I literally plan my day from the am to adjust for an on-time meeting and just wish the other party would or could do the same. I just think that it is so direspectful of people to constantly abuse their time. It is almost akin to stealing - shit, forget that - it is stealing....those countless minutes I can never reagain...just standing out in Central Park looking around! You've stole valuable time off my life....who knows what I could've done with those minutes! So to all you draggers and theives of time, I say just respect the other party and realize you've really got a limited amount of it!!! That's my gripe for the day!


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