Thursday, October 28, 2004

Let The Games Begin

If anyone shouldn't think that the recent elections aren't shear theatrical display one should just tune in to any 24hr cable channel both guys "people" think that their guy is gonna be the winner and they're both running neck and we see 2000 deja vu! Its gonna be one old muddle, whoever wins still is IT in the nasty game of Iraq tag. That's one mess! And the "winner" has to take on that mess and try to get it resolved. I always think that these contendors are all planned out by one big organization. These guys are always governors, were somehow in the right places at the right times in history, kinda went to the same schools. Its almost like they groomed them from the get go. Folks don't fool yourself that anyone of you dumb schulbs could even get a shot at smelling the Presidency. I think that the leader of this nation does nothing but in a mere figurehead, looking good waving, getting on AF1 making stump speeches and showing up at the allotted events. Nothing more nothing less...somewhere there is someone working hard in a little dark room hammering out policies and negotiating things...some thankless job some faceless anonymous person who one day will be made public. As for the guy at the helm ha ha don't bet your lucky stars on it!


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