Sunday, October 17, 2004

Passionate on the Passion

So I started to watch the now famous - or infamous; whichever way you look at it; movie done by Mel Gibson. Mel ponied up a lot of his own money to make this well worn and overly told story come to life in some great graphic and cinematographic lengths. Now the Passion; or as we may call it, the final hours of our dear Jesus Christ's life was quite torturous. I got as far as the Roman soldiers - or was it the Jews, well some group. I got as far as this bulling group was just about bashing the poor defenseless Jesus, knocking him over some sort of barricade/stone wall thing and...well you get the picture. And this is just the beginning, now I say to myself, do I want to go through with the rest of this mess?? After all sitting and watching 2hrs of shear, graphic brutality rented upon any individual; which storyline I pretty much know; is pointless. He died for our sins. More like he was bashed apart for them, from as much as I can tell. My question to God would be, why send your son, or the human manifestation of yourself to be put asunder by such horrible means. Was this the ultimate guilt trip, I mean after sending all the prophets, Moses with the 10 Commandments, Noah and the flood and the list goes'd think that the Jews or whoever were the intended audience would get the .
picture - and the picture being - "hey guys, get it together, stop the senseless sinning and get back into the fold" - nope...he sent a son out to be the Messiah for the "chosen" folks...them being the Jews, in one last ditch effort to rope them back in again. I wonder to myself sometimes, why so much time spent trying to get the Jews' attention...its obvious they were into other things, why not try with lets say umm Egyptians or someother native tribe in some other far flung corner of the earth. But I digress. So the Jews whom God has allegedly spent so much time trying to get together now in this year of Our Lord, still don't believe that the poor battered and knocked about Jesus was his son. Well so much for that abuse!
Well the Passion and Passion plays have the capacity to get a lotta people all worked up, the Jews were worked up 'cause they said that this new Hollywood enhanced version only ramps up on the old Passion plays of yore that would incite many to bash THEM as the "Christ Killers" and the Christians got all worked up crying in theatres country wide, afirming their belief in Jesus' dying as salvation. This movie would now be a tool to gather more into the fold, the big sell. Jesus was soooo tortured and tormented for YOU YOU YOU!!! Get ye to Christianity NOW, how dare you besmirch this sacrificed soul. Sometimes it almost reads like those human sacrifices by far flung tribes, those ones that put the virgins or whoever into pits and thrown on knives for the sake of rain or say good favors from the Gods. Who knows what anything means any more, but in all the rukus I just choose to step outside the rink and let everyone duke it out. Hum lemme see should I get back to watching the Passion; well I might hang in until like the torture rendered on Jesus its just too much to bear.


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