Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Jesus save me from your followers

Yes save me indeed as 90% of them seem to be completely off their rockers. So election is today and finally an end to the ceasless campaigning in uh Ohio & Wisconsin yeah to all the yahoos and yentas trying to get some votes outta them. Politicians a truely rubes!!! So my husband's folks are voting for Bush and all for the simple reason that they too are fast becoming Religious yahoos and thinks that Bush and his anti-abortion, pro-praying in schools and shameless calling upon the name of Jesus and constant God name-dropping will somehow save America...and the world from doom and the slide into hell or whatever it is that they're afraid of - who knows maybe the 2nd coming of Christ; yes Christ you need to come back and save ME! How you're gonna vote for some nitwit for the simple reason of prayer in schools and other shallow topics like gays trying to get married is beyond fathomable. Lets list some real issues!
Health Care
Job loss
Child Care
Proper housing for people
Erosion of the middle class
I could go on....but people prefer not to deal with the hard facts they just push their heads in the sand and go on about the scandelous and the trivial...last time it was gays in the military...why's everyone so caught up with the gays...what's the big friggin' deal. Divorce is at its highest, if a new set of people want to be lemmings for marriage, leaping headlong into that committment - I say LET THEM!!! MIND YOUR FRIGGIN' BUSINESS!!! This is not a religious state and if you want one...move to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait or Qatar where there brand of religious maddness should serve all the yahoos just fine and if you're gonna follow one thing in the Bible follow ALL why not dictate that any couple that even have sex go get married pronto....hey!!!!


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