Thursday, November 04, 2004

Beam me up...

Spoke to an old friend last nit & she said that she voted for Bush...yes probably one of the few NYers that did. Yes said she was concerned about morals and gays getting married and...WHAT!!! was more like my reaction. Said Kerry didn't seem to have a clear cut agenda, no real point to make. Just out there screaming in the wind. Yeah I could totally understand it. She said that he just didn't draw the lines clear enough in the sand. Yes she of formerly of a sketchy past and also marry hound was now deeming who and what were suitable to be together. After 'finding' Jesus around about a year ago she's now one of the walking lobotomized herds that dispense jurisdiction on the rest of us. After spending a lot of her life in a somewhat oblivion, my dear friend has 'awoken' to her calling. Now spewing the standard Christian cliches she's afraid that the gays might traumatize her daughter, the same gays that she partied with...with that same daughter hummm.
I had a friend once say that Religion was the downfall of man, I balked and then I let it sink in and thought for a moment and had to agree. Religion has ripped the middle east to shreds, literally and metaphorically; put Israel and Palestine and each other's jugulars. Religion was the catalyst that set the British divide of Ireland into motion, splitting that country in half, pitting countryman against countryman, robbing a people of ever living in peace. In the name of Religion 'pioneers' sailed in from Europe to Christianize and subjugate the 'Godless native' plundering them of all their possessions and reveling in the spoils of the new found stolen wealth. Religion, on its back rose the Taliban, suppressing and terrorizing. With it brought the Christian and Islamic crusades. Genocide in the Sudan, genocide in Serbia. Everyone wants to be the spokesperson for God...The Bible's authors are sworn to be the end all and be all, the Q'uran. Everyone claims ownership of God. Truth is; God is intangible, omnipotent, kind, loving, all knowing and powerful setting major events into motion. No one can speak for him, maybe he/she speaks through us. How do we know that he didn't speak through Montezuma, or Buddha or Muhammad like he spoke through Jesus in the middle east or through some Chinese commoner in the Ming Dynasty or through the Ibo, or the Ashanti or some other miscellaneous tribe in Africa. Why only those few in the middle east. How are we so sure that he didn't speak through all the other lost tribes and peoples of the world flung in all the far corners of this massive globe. The Egyptians, the indigenous tribes of South & Central America. Were they devoid or ignorant of a higher power.


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