Saturday, November 06, 2004

Why I Prefer Male workmates

Ok so back to venting about my job, a job that has its ups and downs and on most days I just want to quit for something more organized, something with more of a semblence of how a footage company is supposed to work. I visited a friend at another such company and my desire to leap ship was even more intensified and then - BOOM! - I got my commission check, which was nice to have. Ok so now I am yet again at another fork in the road, rubbing my chin and scratching my head. The money was a great asset but do I want to stay at this joint. Now they've hired this new female, and boy did I wish I could say that I liked her but from day one, I could see the word "ornary" written on her face. 3 weeks in and she's already complained about - well - just about everything and anything in the office, the way the biz is run. She's too anxious and edgy and that just makes me nervous. She asks way too many questions and somehow she's been miguided in thinking that she's gonna maka a BOATLOAD 'o money in commission. Ok dear, ya might not this first year!! She also seems bitter...a trait that too many women seem to embrace too easily and one that men aren't good at taking on. She's nosey, grudgeful and almost unfriendly, I think she hides behind her hair (which needs a cut and color job severely) oops am I being catty :) The vibe is just bad, and adding to that; nothing works, her pay check was wrong, her computer acted up and on and on. I am truely a firm beliver in vibes and omens, and she's got bad ones and she's a bad omen. I've always worked with 3 guys and boy does she really make me miss them. I loved their bawdy humor and laisez faire candor. So the verdict is in - I CAN STAND WORKING WITH WOMEN...especially catty, bitter, I've-been-hurt-by-the-world types!!!


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