Monday, November 08, 2004

Weekly weigh-in

My life is somewhat ruled by the scale! I know I know it shouldn't be, but lets face is - to a certain degree. Now I'm not as freaked out as some people but I think that I might be somewhere in the zone. I've placed great value in the scale letting it be the dictator of my appearance and my compass for what I should or aspire to look like at any given time. I'm not obese by any stretch and would probably go insane if I were but the scale is the enemy these last days...always showing up something I never quite want to or am prepared to see. I've been around about this weight - oh heck I'll say it 130-140 and sometimes over in the 40's and once in the 50's - much to my shock and horror - for over 14yrs, yet somehow I think its going to drastically shrink! The less weight I have to lose the harder it becomes, mentally challenging and all. So I'm doing ediets now and its has given me the opportunity to try all sorts of different things and variety when it comes to my diet...which at times can get monotonous...try eating cottage cheese fruit and salads for days on end! ho hum! So to all you "dieter" (I hate to use that word) Keep kickin' ass until the scale becomes your friend or at least not such a vile enemy!


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