Thursday, December 02, 2004

Feeding Frenzy

I was always afraid that I would end up a fat jolly woman, I don't know why I was so paranoid about this, maybe because my aunt was pretty big, grandmother too and my mother was constantly warning me to watch out. I was pretty much afraid of food since I'm allergic to eggs which seem to go into everything savoury and fattening. But on observing the way most women; especially women from the Caribbean eat...well lets just say I just KNOW that I won't be or couldn't be obese!! After a wake in Brooklyn - observation...mounds of macaroni pie, rice & peas, greasy chicken, fish, potato salad, cake AND wash that down with full caloried soda...and hey why not a Styrofoam package to go!! Sitting there shoveling all the grovel into their greedy mouths, chicken skin and all. Simply amazing, what they were having for regular dinner is an all out binge for me. Needless to say that the scene was an orgy of belly rolls, wide behinds, large stomachs, fat backs, double chins,rubbing legs, swollen jowls and more complaints about needing to "lose weight" than anything else. I sometimes wonder, what part of the diet message somehow misses these folks, I mean isn't it always on the cover of Times, or any other friggin magazine! Watch out, American Obesity...One woman in front of me was absolutely gargantuan!! She was literally 2 of me; and I am not 90lbs! Simply huge and wide, I stood there trying to think what the hell goes into this leviathan body to keep it so ridiculously large. The feeding frenzy continued on and fat faces kept on shoveling. The sight was offensive to my eyes all those greedy people with not a clue...supposedly in mourning just thinking about the next meal! But I guess the Pastor before had given them comfort by disclaiming diets, exercise or any other healthy thing as irrelevant as we're gonna die anyway, just prepare your "house" accept Jesus and hey...go for broke - will someone pass me the cornbread please!


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